A tradition of success in the most challenging cases

The law firm of Sinay Elias & Co. is a leading boutique law firm in the field of complex commercial litigation, established in 2004. Throughout its years of activity, the firm has gained a reputation among Israel’s legal community, as one of Israel’s prestigious law firms in its fields of expertise.

The firm supplies its clients with comprehensive, professional service in a wide range of practices in the field of financial-commercial litigation. Among others, the firm provides counsel and representation in the following matters:

  • Large scale, complex commercial litigation cases
  • Shareholders disputes
  • Officer and board members’ liability
  • Partnership disputes and liquidation of partnerships
  • Antitrust litigation
  • Cross-border litigation, including arbitration and mediation proceedings
  • Commercial class actions
  • Securities Class Actions and Derivative Actions
  • Commercial and corporate law
  • Business crisis management

Over the past decade, the firm has built a proven track record of success in representing its clients in many high-profile, large-scale cases. This has granted the firm invaluable experience while providing professional legal counsel and representation in a wide array of complex legal issues, achieving successful outcomes in favor of its clients and managing precedent-setting cases.

Among the cases managed by the firm can be found, for example, enforcement proceedings of court judgments and widespread collection procedures valued at tens of millions of NIS, conducted against directors worldwide during the liquidation of North America Bank; management of financial law suits valued at tens of millions of NIS regarding the fraud scandal in “La Nasional”; partnership liquidation proceedings of the leading law firm, Shraga Biran & Co. ; management of the derivative lawsuit against directors and controlling shareholders of IDB Development for the Israir transaction; class actions against the fuel companies Paz and Delek which led to cash settlements of over $24,300,000 as well as many other high-profile legal proceedings, in the heart of the public discussion (additional details can be found under “Rulings”).

In addition, many of the firm’s cases are handled discretely, to meet the client’s need for privacy and secrecy and his interest in preventing public exposure of the controversy. The firm specializes in leading its commercial clients for a discreet resolution in arbitration or mediation proceedings and many of the firm’s cases were solved before they came to court.

An eminent part of the firm’s professional legal service is the close collaboration the firm maintains with prominent professional experts from various fields of expertise. Throughout the years, the firm has accumulated vast experience and has established valuable close-knit work relations with renowned experts in various practices, including leading economists, appraisers, and accountants specializing in Forensic Auditing, foreign law experts, private investigators and assessors. These close ties ensure that the firm’s clients receive the most professional and comprehensive legal counsel, even in the most unique and complex cases.

An additional unique characteristic of the firm’s activity is its expertise in managing disputes and representing its clients in complex cross-border commercial litigation cases taking place in various jurisdictions around the globe. The vast experience accumulated by Sinay Elias & Co. in this field is unprecedented in the Israeli legal market, thus allowing its clients to conduct business safely all around the world, without the need of hiring a large, impersonal law firm for these matters. In order to provide its clients with the most professional service possible in all cross-border matters, the firm utilizes widespread relations, close work ties and personal acquaintance with prominent attorneys and law firms around the world.

The firm maintains its high professional standard of representation and high-end legal service by an uncompromising approach towards the quality of legal experts comprising the firm’s team. The firm’s attorneys are some of Israel’s most skilled and professional litigators, led by the head of the firm, Adv. Sinay Elias, who holds over 20 years of experience in complex commercial litigation. The firm’s dedication and professionalism, and the personal involvement of Adv. Elias in every case, allow the firm’s team to provide their clients with favorable outcomes in each and every matter.